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Ref No.MakeColourSeating CapacitySelling Price
1000004 #1000004EZGOwhite42,230,000 Enquiry
1000006 #1000006YAMAHAwhite42,100,000sale with tenancy Enquiry
1000008 #1000008EZGOwhite 白色42,200,000NEW STEERING WHEEL, WALNUT DASH, WITH TENANCY Enquiry
1000011 #1000011EZGOwhite 白色42,050,000with tenancy Enquiry
1000014 #1000014EZGOwhite 白色42,200,000with tenancy Enquiry
1000018 #1000018EZGOwhite 白色42,100,000 Enquiry
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  • Price (HK$): {{link.cf13}}
  • Rent (HK$): {{link.cf106}}
  • Gross Area: {{link.cf56}} sq. ft.
  • Saleable Area: {{link.cf58}} sq. ft.
  • Bedroom(s): {{link.cf32}}
  • Bathroom(s): {{link.cf36}}
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