Community Support


Bayside Dental Practice 2987-0855
DB Medical Services (Hotline) 2525-6798
DB Medical Centre 2987-5633
DB Medical Centre (After hours) 9181-6540
Emergency 999
Health and Care Dental Clinic 2666-6183
Herbal Health Care 2834-7276
Island Health Services 2987-7575
Island Health Services (After hours) 9185-3271

Dental and medical clinics are located in DB Plaza, with the exception of Bayside Dental Practice, which is situated in DB North Plaza.  All are opened daily for consultations. Facilities include ultra-sound, X- ray, nebuliser, electrocardiogram and resuscitation equipment etc. and also emergency room treatment. Speciality services, i.e. ob-gyn, psychiatric and physiotherapy care, are also available.



Island Veterinary Centre 2987-9003
Emergency Hotline 9142-9709

Discovery Bay is a pet-friendly community.  However, dogs must be kept on a lead at all times in public and in all residential areas.  They are not permitted on school property; children’s play areas, Tai Pak beach or the beach promenade.  Owners are responsible for cleaning areas fouled by their pets.  All dogs must be registered with DB Management      (Tel:  2238-3601).



DB Police Post 999 / 2987-4052
Lantau North Report Room 2988-2369
Certis Centurion Co. Ltd.                 2484-2333
DB Fire & Ambulance 2987-7502

The Fire Department operates an ambulance service on a 24-hour basis. For evacuations, a helicopter is  arranged for urgent cases.  The local physician will assist with the decision.



The water in DB is safe to drink and fits international health standards.  However, some still prefer the taste of distilled water.  If you wish, call Hoi Yu Transportation Ltd. (Tel: 2987-4488) to set up home delivery of bottled Watson water.



Tel          :  2259-3252
Website :
Location:  99 Siena Avenue, Discovery Bay

The community hall is available for booking by local organizations to run community building activities.  Facilities include a multi-purpose hall, dressing rooms, a conference room and badminton courts.  Application forms and guidelines are available to download from the website.  Charges will be applied; for enquiry, call 2825-4338 or talk to a member of staff for details.



BMSE (Body, Mind, Spirit and Environment, Service of the NAAC)    

Tel          :  2259-3422
Website :
Email      :  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Location : 1/F, Discovery Bay North Integrated Services Centre

Discovery Bay Centre, a sub-office of Tung Chung integrated service of Neighbourhood Advice-Action Council (NAAC) was established in July 2009.  As a social service unit, BMSE offers a wide range of courses and activities, such as dancing, painting and cooking.  It also offers counselling and stress management sessions.  For more information, check out their website.



DB Alliance Church Community Centre     

Tel          :  2987-8136
Website :


Discovery Bay Church    

Tel          :  2987-4210
Website :


DB International Community Church    

Tel          :  2987-7061
Website :


Holly Trinity Chapel      

Tel          :  3590-8017
Website :



Contact   : Amy Yung
Tel           :  2987-7979 / 6987-7979
Email      :  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Website :
Location  :  21/F, Fortune House, 61 Connaught Road Central, Hong Kong

To discuss the community affairs and policies with the Government departments and related organizations, the Islands District Council and its Committees organized meetings regularly.  If you want me to reflect your opinions in the meetings, please feel free to contact Ms Amy Yung.



City Management 2238-3601
Winson Cleaning Service Co. Ltd. 3176-3188

Refuse is collected once daily from high-rise buildings and twice daily from the garden house and low-rise buildings. It is then stored away for disposal elsewhere.  Please be aware that a refuse separation (recycling) program is in effect.



For your convenience, please refer to Useful Telephone Numbers listing all the dining, shops and services available in DB.  The Tung Chung Centre nearby also offer additional shops, restaurants and theatres.