Discovery Bay International School

Tel          :  2987-7331 (Primary and Secondary)
Tel          :  2914-2142 (Kindergarten)
Website :

Discovery Bay International School (DBIS) is an independent private school catering students from kindergarten to secondary level.  Lessons follow the National Curriculum of England and are taught by well-qualified teachers with the help of classroom assistants.  The school campus offers a range of facilities, designed to suit all age groups; including a spacious playground, library and resource centre, an all-weather gym and a swimming pool.  DBIS boasts an active Parent Teacher Association who organizes a number of fundraisers such as fairs, barn dances and barbeques to help fund the school with the most up-to-date equipment.

DBIS is a feeder school for the English Schools Foundation (ESF).

Information about fees and enrolment are available from the website.


SKH Wei Lun Primary School

Tel          :  2987-8608
Website :

Wei Lun is a government-subsidised local Chinese primary school and also a member of Hong Kong Anglican Primary Schools.  The school is facilitated with 18 classrooms (3 classes in each grade) and offers a range of extra-curricular activities for students.  It is located on the grounds adjacent to DBIS.

Wei Lun feeds students to high desirable Central-Western District High Schools.

Information about enrolment is available from the website.


Discovery College

Tel          :  3969-1000
Website :

Discovery College is an IB (International Baccalaureate) World School for 5 -18 year olds.  There are up to 720 places for 5 to 11-year old students in the primary school (Years 1-6), 600 places in the Middle School for 11 to 16 year olds (Years 7-11) and 240 places in the Senior School for 16 to 18 year olds (Years 12-13).  The college offers academic, sporting and performing arts scholarship at secondary year levels.

For more information and a virtual tour of the college, please check out their website.


Discovery Montessori Academy - DMA (6-12Y) Primary School

Tel          :  2812-9668
Website :

DMA, located in Block1, DB North, offers an ELEMENTARY (6-12Y) combination of International Baccalaureate (IB) PYP and the International Montessori Curriculum. Besides, Discovery Montessori School, DMS (Discovery Bay & Central) contains Nursery and Kindergarten Curriculum.

For more information, please visit their website.



Discovery Bay International School

Tel          :  2914-2142 (Kindergarten)
Website :


Sunshine House Kindergarten & Nursery

Tel          :  2987-8143
Website :

Sunshine house is an English-speaking International pre-school offering a stimulating curriculum and a vibrant learning environment for children up to 6 years old.


Discovery Mind Kindergarten

Tel          :  2987-8088
Website :

Located on Siena Avenue, Discovery Mind Kindergarten offers preschool teaching to children aged 2-5.  Both International and Bilingual curriculum well prepared for their transition into local primary schools or international schools.    The teaching programme is primarily based on the British National Curriculum, with some modifications to incorporate the international setting.

Information about enrolment is available on their website.


Discovery Mind International Play Centre

Tel          :  2987-8088
Website :

Discovery Mind International Play Centre is located on Siena Avenue   Their classes and playgroups allow young children a gentle introduction to preschool life which extends their learning and development. Pre-nursery offers bilingual classes (English and Mandarin) or English only classes.

Information about enrolment is available on their website.


Discovery Montessori School

Tel          :  2987-1201
Website :

Located in DB North Plaza, Montessori School is a nursery for children aged 1-6.  It offers an English or English/Mandarin bilingual teaching environment.


Learning Centres

There are lots of language and kids education centres, please refer to the "Useful Tel. of DB – School & Education" for details.



Organized playgroups are available throughout DB. Details are posted on the notice board at the Recreation Club.