Legal Fees

As there are no standard legal fees, it is best to shop around to various lawyers or we can refer you, should you wish. Make sure you agree with your lawyer’s fee before you appoint them to deal with any conveyance.

The three main fees are: the Sale and Purchase Agreement, the assignment and the mortgage. Legal costs are APPROXIMATELY $7,000.00, AND UP plus Disbursement. On top of this, there is the Ad Valorem Stamp Duty(AVD), including Special Stamp Duty (SSD) & Buyer Stamp Duty (BSD), if applicable, and Agency fee (usually 1% of the sale price from the Vendor & the Purchaser) .

Costs on buying & selling Property Transaction

Amount or value of the consideration (HK$)Purchaser (HK$)Seller (HK$)
Below 3M 7,000 6,000
3M-5M 8,000 7,000
5M-10M 9,000 8,000>
Over 10M 10,000+ 9,000+
Disbursement (Approx.) 2,000 1,000
Government Tax% of the Sale Price
Ad Valorem Stamp Duty (AVD) for non- Residents or HK Permanent Resident who owned another property. 1.5% -8.5%  
AVD for HK Permanent Resident & First -Time Buyer Only $100.00 – 4.25%  
Special Stamp Duty, holding period if applicable   10%-20%
Buyer’s Stamp Duty for non-Residents 15%  

Remarks: The above information is for reference only.